Character Design

Character Development

SHOGUNS ANIMATION is renowned for developing and building enduring character brands across all media. We specialise in marketing and realising the commercial potential of our properties in a way that celebrates and respects their creative values. Classic brands in the portfolio include Mr Monopoly, Fungus Among us, Miximals, Fartist Club to name a few.


SHOGUNS ANIMATION works with advertising agencies and brands in all territories, to create Charcters and animation for advertising campaigns across all media platforms. We work closely with several advertising agencies in delievery our animated skillsets. Our Branded Content work draws from our knowledge of creating stories for the children entertainment sector, particular toys brands.

Shorts and specials

Webisodes, Shorts & Specials

SHOGUNS ANIMATION develop and produce entertaining series, shorts and specials for some of the world major children entertainment companies, Mr Monopoly to Mixmals. Shoguns Animation continue to develop new series for audiences of all ages.



Hi and Low Poly Models, Specialising in Character Creation.

Texturing, Lighting & Rendering

We can cater from stylised toon to Hyper-Realistic


Styles range from classical squash 'n' Stretch to motion capture and real world motion